ZKitty & Clip Finance Partnership: ZKitty Airdrop Farming Service Launched

Clip Finance
3 min readSep 6


ZKitty Airdrop Farming Service

In recent months, a groundbreaking trend has taken the crypto sector by storm — the rise of Telegram bots. When an unknown Maestro Telegram sniping bot quickly became one of the highest-earning projects in the crypto charts, the new narrative took off. Unibot was the next Telegram bot to capture a lot of attention.

The crypto industry moves fast, and it’s rare in this current market that any particular narrative gets more than a few months attention before the crowd moves on to the next best thing.

However, it’s critical to understand which narrative is sustainable beyond the short-term hype cycle. With Telegram bots, there are a few things worth noting: a chat-based user interface is familiar to most people and hence could represent a new paradigm in how people on-board to crypto. And as importantly, bots have proven to be able to generate fees. A lot of fees.

What are Telegram bots?

Telegram bots are specialized software programs integrated into the Telegram messaging platform and operate through interactions within the platform’s secure and user-friendly chat interface.

They offer a range of automation capabilities such as accepting payments, trading, sniping new tokens, and airdrop farming. DeFi traders can use these bots to automate trades and even scan the crypto market to gain real-time insights for the best cryptocurrencies to trade. The bots interact with smart contracts instead of going through a platform like Uniswap.

Airdrop Farming

Protocols use airdrops to distribute tokens to the community. It’s a way to attract early users and engagement because airdrops can be worth a lot of money. In order to qualify for the airdrops, people usually have to use the protocol, whether it’s depositing, bridging, trading, or any other way of interacting with the protocol to qualify for the airdrop.

This is where airdrop farming bots come into the arena. Airdrop farming bots automate interacting with the protocols to earn airdrops. This saves a lot of time for the airdrop hunters and thus makes it possible to take part in many airdrop programs simultaneously in an automated manner.

ZKitty Airdrop Farming Service Powered By Clip Finance

Clip Finance partnered up with ZKitty to launch an airdrop farming bot. The MVP is live and the bot has steadily grown its user base.

What can you do with ZKitty bot?

  • Effortlessly participate in both current and upcoming airdrop events without the need for extensive research or navigating technical hurdles.
  • Automate your airdrop tasks with our proprietary NFT-Fi smart contracts & Telegram Bot with just a few clicks.

Why did Clip partner up with ZKitty?

  • Clip has a strong tech team and ZKitty has a strong marketing team;
  • We believe there’s a good chance that Telegram bots will stick around as a new way of interacting with DeFi;
  • We have a good revenue share deal where Clip gets a share from the token tax, bot subscriptions, and NFT royalties;
  • We can start generating revenue to distribute back to our early community (NFT-holders);
  • ZKitty made a strategic investment into Clip Finance.

Try out the bot: https://www.zkitty.xyz/
Read the docs: https://zkitty-dao.gitbook.io/zkitty-dao-documentation/


Telegram bots have become indispensable tools for crypto traders and enthusiasts, offering automation solutions that enhance efficiency, accessibility, and engagement in the crypto landscape. Whether it’s simplifying trading, optimizing DeFi strategies, or streamlining community management, these bots are contributing to the evolution of the crypto ecosystem, making it more user-friendly and accessible than ever before.