Interview Series — Salazar.eth

In our interview series, we talk to the chads of Crypto Twitter — people that share the best alpha and have won the community’s respect. This time we’re talking to Salazar.eth, a chad who is breaking down the technical stuff in crypto in a way you and I can understand.


1. How long have you been in crypto & what was your first investment?

My first investment in crypto was in 2019 and it was Matic/Polygon and Tron. Wasn’t particularly crypto-smart then and I wish I held those coins til the 2021 bull market, sold early so I coped and it made me get more involved in crypto.

2. Full-time or part-time?

Atm I’m full-time into crypto. The tech here fascinates me and I know I’m early.

3. What did you do before crypto?

A student (Statistics and Computer Science)

4. Why Slytherin and not Gryffindor? :)

😂 Well, you can say I get fascinated by dark magic and erm I love the Voldemort character. I mean everyone feared mentioning his name so I just got drawn to him.

5. Will there be a DeFi for degens in 5 years?

Obviously, degens are gambling in web3. And til the world ends people are gonna find ways to flip and DeFi is the future of finance. So ya dig.

6. You can only own one — BTC, USD, or ETH — which one do you choose?

USD makes me own all 😉

7. Do you think the Cosmos ecosystem (and protocols like Berachain) will be a big narrative going forward?

Cosmos ecosystem, the internet of web3. Well, tbh I’m not really into Cosmos but it has a huge community and they’re building so that only should make u bullish.

The Berachain tech- proof of liquidity where tokens of various chains can validate the Berachain blockchain is something new and exciting and I’m looking forward to its launch.

8. Most underrated protocol in terms of impact on the whole DeFi space?

Tbh $GNS has what it takes to flip $GMX.

9. Will there be a functional DeFi on bitcoin blockchain?

Heard Jack Dorsey is trying to create a DeFi protocol on BTC. Well, until then. I think other people are looking at this. I also feel BTC is the diamond while ETH is the gold. Gold is more common than diamond even tho both are expensive. Diamonds are scarce, BTC halving will make BTC scarce, and ETH has an unlimited supply. I feel people shouldn’t waste their energy building DeFi on BTC when they can do it on ETH which has a track record for housing the best DeFi protocols.

10. 1–3 accounts people must follow on Twitter?




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